Adarana, a charitable society for the needy people, is focused on making self-reliant individuals.


Our belief is that none should perish due to nonavailability of basic needs of a human being.

Partner with us

You could get partnered with us in this noble cause by your Selfless Donations. To know more on how you could give, please Contact Us.

Educate to Equate

Is to promote the welfare and wellbeing of the poor and needy people, by establishing orphan homes, old aged homes and provide free education in schools/institutions/training centers and conducting free medical camps.

Our deepest burden is to help and support the ignored, disregarded, over-looked, victimized, oppressed, depressed, children, or women.

We want to provide legal aid and support, and to promote / solve issues related to health care, starvation, humanitarian relief for the needy.

Wherever possible, we strive to organize and promote educational & vocational training programs with special focus for girls / women, and income generation and rehabilitation programs.

To promote women societies, organizations & forums such as co-operative societies, SHG’s (Self Help Groups) women associations, youth and women workers with a view to undertaking collective activities for socio-economic development.

To establish/form Wings of Adarana, units / centers in the fields of legal, environment, youth, women, education, project and planning, technology, labor and culture and function independently and globally under the control and supervision of Adarana headquarters and the governing body.

Adarana will also participate in joint venture projects with the government of India or state government department, authorities approved by the government or any other agencies approved by the government of India.

To give authentic representation of the children and women in all the national and international forums and play a vital role in organizing and sending our representatives to national, state, district, mandal and village level bodies/units.